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Commitment For Title

What is a commitment for title? (Often times referred to as a Preliminary Title Report or PR)

The “commitment”, or Preliminary title Report is an offer to issue a policy of title insurance covering a particular estate or interest in land subject to stated exceptions.

Since these exceptions may point to potential problems with your intended sale, purchase, or refinance,  it is important for all parties involved in the transaction  to review the report once it is received.

A commitment provides a list of the matters which will be shown as exceptions to coverage in a designated policy or policies of title insurance, if issued currently, covering a particular estate or interest in land. It is designed to provide an interim, or "preliminary" response or “commitment” to an application for title insurance and is intended to facilitate the issuance of the designated policy or policies. It is normally prepared after a request for a title search or PR order (to place an order click here)has been placed by the Real Estate or Mortgage professional associated with the specific transaction, for the purpose of facilitating requirements relative to closing and policy issuance in acceptable terms to all parties involved.

The Commitment states on its face that it is made solely to facilitate the subsequent issuance of a title insurance policy and that the insurer assumes no liability for errors in the report. Accordingly, any claim arising from a defect in title must be made under the title policy and not the Commitment.

After a title order has been placed, matters relative to the title policy coverage on the subject property are assembled in a title search package and examined by skilled technicians. This is when the commitment (PR)is prepared and sent to the customer. The report contains relevant information so that the parties to the transaction will become aware of matters which will not be insured against by the title company. This report is issued before the title policy, hence the name commitment or Commitment.


When should you order your commitment for title? ( Preliminary Title Report(PR))

As Soon as possible! (to place an order click here)

As a Listing Agent, you’ll want to know if there is going to be anything in the title search that could affect the sale. Some of the issues that could potentially delay the sale are

-Sellers/buyers didn’t inform you that they are in Bankruptcy

-The Seller has multiple mortgages on the property and owes more on the property then current market value.

-Outstanding Judgments or liens that must be paid


-Property ownership in a different name that your seller’s.

As the Selling Agent, you will want to request a title search and a commitment for title as soon as you have a signed Real Estate Purchase Contract. (to place an order click here)


As the Lender/Broker you’ll want to request the title search and a commitment for title as soon as you have signed disclosures.  (to place an order click here)


As a For Sale By Owner,  as soon as you decide to offer you home for sale you should request a title search and a commitment for title. ((to place an order click here)

 You will be able to provide this commitment to potential buyers as proof that you are able to provide and convey clear title. 

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